I’m a chess player and I spend most of my free time studying and playing chess. This site is mostly for my own purposes of tracking my studies so I remember what I’ve done. Sometimes I will share tips I’ve learned along the way or other things I find interesting. I also experiment with chess-related technology projects which are documented here.

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February 10, 2022 路 2 min

My Ideal Chess Coach

How I have been thinking about coaches

November 24, 2023 路 7 min

November 2023 Progress Report

What I鈥檝e been doing the past 4 months

November 20, 2023 路 7 min

Avoid Stagnation by Periodizing Your Chess Studies

Structure your studies into cycles that emphasize different focus areas for short bursts of time

November 2, 2023 路 4 min

Getting In The Zone

Creating a Pre-Game Routine for Chess

October 19, 2023 路 3 min

Time Under Tension

The Idea of 鈥淭ime Under Tension鈥 and How It Can Help Your Chess

October 13, 2023 路 3 min

Book Review - How to Set Goals with Kaizen & Ikigai

Setting chess goals using new techniques

September 7, 2023 路 3 min

Book Review - The Mental Game of Poker

Techniques for understanding and working on your mental game

August 18, 2023 路 3 min

Book Review - The Biggest Bluff

A book about poker, but really about learning

August 3, 2023 路 4 min

July Goal Update

Checking in on my summer goals

July 31, 2023 路 4 min