What were you doing on Tuesday, August 3, 2021? While the world was navigating the ups and downs of a global pandemic, and many of us were adjusting to new routines and rediscovering hobbies, I embarked on a journey that would dramatically transform my approach to chess. On that seemingly ordinary Tuesday, I began what would become a 1000-day streak on Chessable, a platform designed to make learning chess both engaging and effective. It wasn’t the first time I tried using Chessable, but it was at that point when I decided to focus on consistency.

This journey has not just been about marking days on a calendar; it has been a exploration of discipline, learning, and personal growth. Below is a snapshot of my dashboard on Chessable, displaying the 1000-day streak—an achievement that, looking back to that first day, seems both unbelievable and, yet, entirely possible.


In this post, I’ll share insights into my daily routine, the progress and milestones I’ve achieved, and the valuable lessons I’ve learned along the way. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting out, I hope my journey inspires you to explore new ways to enhance your chess skills and maybe even start your own streak.

Daily Routine

My Chessable routine is both a discipline and a passion, woven into the fabric of my daily life. Every morning, before the rest of my house stirs, I carve out a sacred 20-30 minutes dedicated to sharpening my chess tactics. This early hour is quiet and uninterrupted, offering a perfect backdrop for focused study. If you’re curious about the specifics of how I tackle chess tactics, I’ve detailed my approach in How I Use Chessable to Sharpen My Chess Tactics.

Tactics form the backbone of my training, but they aren’t my sole focus. Each day, I also spend a few minutes reviewing my openings. At my current level, mastering complex opening theories isn’t as crucial, so I’ve developed a few small, basic courses tailored to my needs. These courses serve as a quick refresher to keep the essential opening strategies fresh in my mind.

Endgames, though, require a different approach. About once a week, I dedicate time to review recommendations from Silman’s Complete Endgame Course. This review isn’t daily, but it’s crucial; it ensures that I reinforce my endgame strategies regularly, keeping me sharp for when these skills are needed most in play.

This structured yet flexible routine ensures I consistently engage with the game, improving bit by bit each day, without overwhelming my schedule or my responsibilities to my family and work. Each session, brief as it may be, builds on the previous, compounding my knowledge and skills over time.

Progress and Achievements

Reflecting on the last 1000 days, my progress in chess, tracked through my rapid rating, illustrates a journey of significant improvement and learning. When I embarked on my daily Chessable routine in August 2021, my rapid rating hovered around 1150. Over time, with consistent practice and a focused approach to learning, I reached a peak rating of 1650 in March 2023—a testament to the efficacy of structured learning and daily dedication.

Here is a graph that captures the trajectory of my rating over time:


Currently, my rating stands at 1450. This decline from my peak can largely be attributed to a shift in my playing habits; I’ve been engaging more in blitz games rather than rapid. While blitz chess is undeniably exhilarating and fun, it doesn’t offer the same depth of learning and reflective thinking that rapid games provide. This shift has impacted my rating, but it has also reminded me of the importance of balance between enjoying the game and focusing on strategic improvement.

Despite this recent dip, the overall trend in my chess skills is upward, reflecting both the challenges and the rewards that come with committing to a learning path. Each game, whether won or lost, has been a stepping stone in my chess journey, providing invaluable lessons and insights that extend beyond the board.

If you enjoy fake internet points, then I did get the Chessable Hero status in September 2022, with 3 million points. I now am close to 6 million points and 4 million points away from “Legend” status.

My Favorites and Tips

Over the course of my 1000-day Chessable journey, I’ve explored a variety of courses and developed strategies that have significantly enhanced my learning experience. Here’s a look at my approach to selecting courses and some tips based on what I’ve found most effective.

Course Selection

I have experimented with more than 20 different opening courses, particularly the “Short & Sweet” versions, which are concise and targeted. While these courses are excellent for reference, I discovered that simply sitting down to memorize them wasn’t the most effective strategy for me. Instead, I’ve found it more beneficial to create my own custom opening courses. By extracting ideas from multiple courses, I can tailor the content to my specific needs and understanding. For those interested in creating personalized opening courses, I recommend using ChessBook, a tool that has significantly streamlined this process for me.

Current Study Set

My current study regimen is focused and concise, which helps keep my dashboard uncluttered and my goals clear. I regularly use the following courses:

Spaced Repetition in Different Contexts

While spaced repetition is a cornerstone of learning on Chessable, I’ve found its usefulness varies by subject. For example, courses focused on calculation and opening principles don’t benefit as much from spaced repetition as pure opening or tactical courses do. This is likely due to the nature of the material, which often requires a deeper, more nuanced understanding rather than straightforward recall.

Favorite Courses

Among all the courses I’ve tried, the “Learn Chess The Right Way” series by GM Susan Polgar stands out as my all-time favorite. This series not only covers a wide range of essential topics, from tactics to strategy, but also does so in a manner that truly facilitates deep understanding and retention.

Tips for Chessable Users

  • Keep It Simple: Avoid overwhelming yourself with too many courses at once. Select a few that significantly impact your game and focus on those.

  • Create Custom Courses: Tailor your learning material to fit your specific chess needs and style. This customization can make your study time much more effective.

  • Balance Fun and Study: While it’s important to focus on structured learning, don’t forget to enjoy the game in various formats, whether blitz or rapid, to keep your engagement high.

Future Goals

Reaching a 1000-day streak on Chessable was a milestone that once seemed almost unattainable. When I first hit 365 days, it felt like a significant achievement, and looking ahead to 1000 days was daunting. Yet, here I am, having reached that very milestone, and it’s given me a new perspective on learning and consistency.

Achieving this streak has taught me the value of consistent daily practice, but it has also highlighted the importance of balance. I am now at peace with the idea of breaking my streak. Consistency is key in any learning process, yet it’s equally important to recognize when to take a step back and recharge. There were a couple of days when I relied on Chessable’s “streak protection” feature, which helped me maintain my streak without sacrificing my well-being.

Moving forward, I will continue to work on improving my tactics and using Chessable as my primary learning tool. The journey doesn’t end with the streak; it’s about lifelong learning and continuously refining my skills. The beauty of chess lies in its infinite complexity and the endless opportunities for growth it provides.

Final Thoughts

Chess is not just about the victories on the board but also the small, daily victories. Here’s to many more days of learning, whether they’re consecutively streaked or healthily spaced out!