Read about my first year in chess here! I also took a look back at my average centipawn loss over 2021

The biggest event this quarter was playing in my first ever OTB tournament. I did not do so well, but I had a great time and I will be back for more OTB games. I also got an US Chess OTB rating, which was exciting.

After my tournament I went all in on Chessmood. I’ve been watching their videos as my main source of learning. I am learning about openings, middle game, endgames, tactics, and master games. I find this is a good format for me. For the opening courses I am making files in Chessbase and loading them into Chessable to study. To learn the new 1. e4 opening, I have been really using Chessable a lot:

Chessable Graph

In the last 2 weeks of March I earned more Chessable XP than the first 2 months of the year combined.

Online in March I got over 1300 for the first time. I quickly fell back down, but I know I can get back up there. Part of that was all the games I played. In March I played a ton of 10-minute rapid games as I was learning a new opening. It was a little too much, playing 152 games - or about 5 rapid games per day. It was fun, but not sustainable. I would like to spend a little more time studying, and a little less time playing.

I stopped taking lessons for now. I have so much content to consume that I want to focus on that for a bit before taking more lessons. Everyone says a coach will help, but for now I am using ChessMood as a temporary substitute.

I also have not been doing much with tactics puzzles on I’ve been mostly focused on tactics using Chessable courses.

On the technology side, I played around with making a cloud chess supercomputer.

Study Plans

By The Numbers

These are the numbers from January 1 to March 31, 2022 (stats from

USCFRegular887 (P13) - New
USCFOnline Regular876 (P21) - No Change
USCFOnline Quick1092 - No Change
USCFOnline Blitz793 (P16) - No Change
USCFCorrespondence Rating2037 - No Change
Chess.comRapid rating1201 to 1230
Chess.comNumber of rapid games210
Chess.comDaily rating1189 to 1242
Chess.comNumber of daily games5
Chess.comBlitz rating559 to 603
Chess.comNumber of blitz games50
Chess.comPuzzle rating1850 to 1775
Chess.comPuzzle rush best score27 (Survival)

Books Studied

  • Learn Chess the Right Way - Book 1: Must-know Checkmates - Susan Polgar (Chessable)
  • Learn Chess the Right Way - Book 2: Winning Material - Susan Polgar (Chessable)
  • Tactics Time 1 - Tim Brennan (Chessable)
  • The Soviet Chess Primer - Ilya Maizelis (Stopped to study ChessMood)
  • Chess Queens - Jennifer Shahade (In Progress)