I played a few more OTB games this quarter, which has been very interesting. One of my goals for this year is to play enough games to get rid of my provisional rating, and I am only a few games away from that for my Regular USCF rating. I played in the US Amateur North Tournament weekend tournament and a couple of Monday Night sessions at the chess club, which count for both Regular and Quick ratings.

Online I got my rapid rating over 1400 for the first time. Read that post for lots more detail on what I did. In the past couple of weeks I’ve dropped way below that, but I will get back to that level.

Study Plans

I’ve still been working through the ChessMood tactics course, which I am almost done with. I have been using their simplified openings for white and black, which mostly have been going well. Now that I’ve been playing with them, it might be time to add a few tweaks here and there.

By The Numbers

These are the numbers from April 1 to June 30, 2022:

USCFRegular887 (P13) - 833 (P23)
USCFQuick913 (P15) - New
USCFOnline Regular876 (P21) - No Change
USCFOnline Quick1092 - No Change
USCFOnline Blitz793 (P16) - No Change
USCFCorrespondence Rating2037 - No Change
Chess.comRapid rating1230 to 1300 (1420 high)
Chess.comNumber of rapid games180
Chess.comDaily rating1242 to 1297 (1301 high)
Chess.comNumber of daily games23
Chess.comBlitz rating603 to 680 (701 high)
Chess.comNumber of blitz games156
Chess.comPuzzle rating1775 to 2019 (2175 high)
Chess.comPuzzle rush best score30 (Survival)

Books Studied