I played in the Northern Open Tournament where I did not do well. I was able to play enough OTB games this year to not have a provisional rating, which was one of my goals.

Online I dropped way down to the 1200s in July after being around 1400 in May and June. By August I was back up in the 1400s which is mostly where I stayed… until last week which wasn’t great. Hopefully that was just an anomaly.

I still haven’t found openings for black that I like. I tried the French from Chessmood, and never really felt good about it. Now I’m going back to the Caro-Kann and using the Keep it Simple course. More about that in my October study plan.

I have been meeting 90 minutes every week with a coach. It is making me work a bit harder, which is good. I feel like most of the quarter I was doing pretty easy work, and not pushing myself. We’ve had 7 lessons so far and I plan on continuing.

Study Plans

By The Numbers

These are the numbers from July 1 to September 30, 2022:

USCFRegular833 (P23) - 840
USCFQuick913 (P15) - 909 (P15)
USCFOnline Regular876 (P21) - No Change
USCFOnline Quick1092 - 1127
USCFOnline Blitz799 (P16)
USCFCorrespondence Rating2037 - No Change
Chess.comRapid rating1300 to 1396 (1469 high)
Chess.comNumber of rapid games160
Chess.comDaily rating1297 to 1358 (1373 high)
Chess.comNumber of daily games16
Chess.comBlitz rating680 to 776 (817 high)
Chess.comNumber of blitz games281
Chess.comPuzzle rating2052 to 2302 (2329 high)
Chess.comPuzzle rush best score33 (Surv) - 24 (5-min)

Books Studied

My coach wanted me to review these books, which I just started:


You can see more about my Chessable progress here.