After a couple months, it is time to revisit my goals. Check out: February 2023 Recap and March Study Plan

I feel like I have not really been pushing myself, so I decided to set some goals for the next few months.

See an update in January 2023 Recap and February Plan

Tournament Games

Play in 10 regular rated tournament games by the end of February and 50 games by the end of 2023

Finish Learn Chess the Right Way

Finish learning all 5 of the “Learn Chess The Right Way” books on Chessable, or 700 remaining variations (200 in book 4, 500 in book 5), by June 1, 2023 (30 new puzzles per week) as well as reviewing all open puzzles every day.

After completing this goal, I will set a new goal for how long I want to keep studying them. I currently review every open puzzle every day.

Finish Workbooks

Complete the Chess Steps Level 2 workbooks (40% remaining) and the Chess Endgame Workbook for Kids by the end of February.

Review Games

Play through 75 annotated master games by the end of March.

I have 15 in “Logical Chess: Move by Move” and there are 62 in “Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played”

Rating Goals

I am not sure if I want to have a rating goal. However, when I first started and had a rating goal I worked hard to meet that goal. So I am going to try to set the goals, but not have a timeline for now.

The goals are:

  • Hit 1500 rapid on

  • USCF Regular rating of 1000. This is still pretty low, but I want to cross this threshold first and then keep going after that.