These settings all come from the excellent blog post by Alex Crompton called How To Learn Chess As An Adult. For more details on why to use these settings, start there. That also has a list of great tactics courses to study.

Seriously, you should go read that article.

I just made this “cheat-sheet” for quick reference for myself when I am starting a new tactics course on Chessable. All of the great tweaks from Alex, without all the details.

Course Settings

StudyKey Moves
ReviewWhole Variation
DepthFull Depth
Soft failRetry on alternative good move
Time60 seconds
TacticsSolve problem
Schedulesee below

The only one I’ve changed from the original recommendation is the time, from 8 seconds to 60. I found 8 seconds was too fast for me.

For the schedule, use these settings:

  • Level 1: 1 day 16 hours

  • Level 2: 4 days 16 hours

  • Level 3: 10 days 16 hours

  • Level 4: 24 days 16 hours

  • Level 5: 56 days 16 hours

  • Level 6: 128 days 16 hours

  • Level 7: 296 days 16 hours

  • Level 8: 681 days 16 hours

Move Trainer Settings

For these, start learning a variation and click the gear (on the web) to get to settings. I think these apply to all courses

Time up actionstop timer
Enable retryon
Max retries for a mistake1
Retry actionstop timer
Time up action for retrystop timer
Highlight legal movesoff