Progress Chart

gantt title ChessMood Courses dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD axisFormat %Y-%m section Rating Booster Tactic Ninja :active , t1 , 2022-03-02, 18w Mating Matador : t2 , after t1, 5w section Simplified Openings Opening Principles :done , o1 , 2022-03-02, 1w WhiteMood Openings :done , o2 , after o1, 5w BlackMood Openings :active , o3 , after o2, 5w section Classical Games 100 Classical Masterpieces :active , c1 , 2022-03-02 , 35w section Middlegame Mastery Happy Pieces :done , m1 , 2022-03-02, 9w Speedboat Adventures :active , m2 , after m1, 5w Defend With Honor : m3 , after m2, 17w Bishop Pair : m4 , after m3, 4w section Endgame Mastery Pawn Endgames :done , e1 , 2022-03-02, 9w Queens vs Pawns :active , e2 , after e1, 3w Rook vs Pawns : e3 , after e2, 3w Bishop vs Pawn : e4 , after e3, 3w Knight vs Pawn : e5 , after e4, 2w Bishop Endgames : e6 , after e5, 1w


These are the courses that are currently available. I am sure that ChessMood will be releasing more videos in the future. When they do, I will need to decide if I want to study them and then add them to this list.

To find the courses, go to To read about my first month, read my first month with ChessMood post


After I finish the simplified opening courses, I could go in-depth on all the different openings. For example, the “anti-Sicilian” for white has about another 10 hours of videos. However, I think I am going to stick with the simplified openings for now, and not jump into the detailed openings until I have a little more experience.

100 Classical Masterpieces

This will probably take even longer than shown above. I have been studying about 2 of these per week. I would like to do a few more, but I am trying to balance that with all the other videos I want to watch.