Current Ratings

Current Ratings

* Provisional Ratings

Instead of tracking my ratings by specific numbers, where I could get worried about winning/losing a few points here and there, I thought it would be better to just track my ratings by wide groups. I decided to do this using the USCF Class definitions (see below). This gives me a general sense of where I am. It also gives me some targets for the next short-term goal I want to achieve in different categories.

USCF Class

Here are the “classes” as defined by US Chess, which is my national chess federation. At least, I think they are. I have not been able to find any reference to these on the USChess Website so I am trusting Wikipedia. Even if these are not “official”, they are still good buckets I can use.

CategoryRating range
Senior Master2400 and up
National Master2200–2399
Class A1800–1999
Class B1600–1799
Class C1400–1599
Class D1200–1399
Class E1000–1199
Class F800–999
Class G600–799
Class H400–599
Class I200–399
Class J100–199

Reference: Wikipedia

USChess also has a norm-based rating system, which you can read about here. I will worry about that when I am playing higher rated opponents and it becomes something I want to think about