Progress on 2023 Goals

Here is part of my dashboard that shows how I am doing on my goals

January Review

I did a good job following my January 2023 Study Plan. I kept up with my ToDo list, which kept me on-track for what I was working on.

The biggest accomplishment in January was playing in an OTB tournament, the 2023 Winter Open. I finished 2.5 / 5, which was pretty good, but I could have done better. Even though I don’t want to care about my rating, it did go up from 840 to 898. I’m hoping to play another tournament in a couple of weeks.

I finished the “plus” book for Chess Steps Level 2. I completed the book with an average of 81% accuracy. I had a goal to solve 40-80% of the puzzles. I had the most trouble with some of the opening tactics, which is a place I could spend some more time. My plan was to move on to the Endgame Workbook for Kids, which I started, but then found out that there were 2 more Chess Steps workbooks. I picked both of them up and started on the “thinking ahead” workbook. It is more challenging, which is good.

I also finished going through all the games in “Logical Chess: Move by Move.” It was good to get into the habit of looking at master games. I don’t spend a ton of time on each game, mostly just playing through them and trying to pick up some major themes. I started “The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played” as the next game collection.

I also finished “500 Chess Questions Answered” and started “The Tao of Chess.” I wasn’t really that into that book so I stopped reading it and started “Chess Duels,” which is so far pretty entertaining.

I also started a list of Prose Chess Books from some great feedback on Twitter.

Chessable Year in Review

In January I got my Chessable Year in Review. Here are some of my stats:

  • 3.3 Million XP (top 2%)

  • 365 days in 2022 (top 1%) - Every day. My streak is currently around 550

  • 200 hours (top 2%)

  • 3226 variations (top 1%) - 120,105 moves (top 1%)

  • 97% accuracy

I’ve mostly used Chessable for tactics, specifically the “Learn Chess the Right Way” series. I finished book 4 of that series and started the last book, book 5.

Goal Update

At the beginning of the year I set some 2023 Goals. Check out the image at the top of this post. Here is where I stand on each of them:

Tournament GamesPlay 10 Games by the end of FebruaryI played 5 games in the 2023 Winter Open and I’m hoping to play one more tournament in February.
Tactics: Learn Chess The Right WayFinish the 700 remaining tactics in books 4 and 5 (Chessable) by June 1I finished the 200 tactics in book 4 and started on book 5. I am on track to completing this by June having added 231 new puzzles in January.
Finish WorkbooksFinish Chess Steps 2 and Chess Endgame Workbook by end of FebruaryI stopped the endgame workbook and picked up another Chess Steps workbook instead. I’m going to try to finish that one by the end of February, which might be a bit of a stretch. I will need to do about 2 pages a day.
Review GamesPlay through 75 annotated master games by the end of MarchI finished Logical Chess and started Most Instructive Games of Chess. I am through 28 games so far this year, right on track.

January Time Spent

%%{init: {'theme': 'base', 'themeVariables': { 'fontFamily': 'sans-serif;'}}}%% pie showData title Study Time "Tactics" : 1374 "Openings" : 404 "Games" : 1256 "Annotated" : 220 "Endgames" : 171 "OTB" : 600

I still feel like this is a good balance. About 1/3 of my time is spent on tactics/puzzles. These are mostly from daily reviews and new puzzles in the Learn Chess the Right Way series on Chessable and Chess Steps workbooks.

Another 1/3 is playing online rapid games, where I played around 22 games. I’m not entirely sure because has been having problems the last couple of weeks so some games were interrupted and I played a couple on Lichess that I didn’t count.

This month a tournament took up a big chunk of time, which is great.

February Study Plan

Here is my plan for February. These are the “must-do” things I focus on every day.

  • Play in 1 more OTB tournament.

  • Keep pushing through the “Learn Chess The Right Way” books on Chessable. I need to add 5 new puzzles a day, in addition to reviewing any open puzzles, to meet my goal of finishing by June.

  • Work through “Chess Steps 2: Thinking Ahead.” I need to do at least 1-2 pages a day. These are a step-up in difficulty from the “Chess Steps 2: Plus” book, which is a good challenge.

  • Keep reviewing games from “The Most Instructive Games of Chess”. I am aiming for 1 every day

After I have completed the list above, there are a few more things that I work on:

  • Playing rapid games: I still need experience playing games.

  • Puzzle Rush Survival: I started trying to get a minimum of 15 in a row with no mistakes on survival. That was not too hard so I’m going to bump that up to 17 in a row and then slowly increase that number every week or so. Another idea I could do would be to do a certain number of 5-minute runs every day.

One other project I would like to do is consolidate all of my opening lines into one file in Chessbase. They are a bit scattered around now in Lichess studies, Chessable, and random PGN files. I just want them all in one place. I’m honestly considering switching my white opening, but I’m not quite there yet.