I continued to do chess everyday for the past 3 months. It has not always gone well, but I still love it. I feel like I lose a lot more games than I win, though I did win 48% of my games. I feel like I should be winning more.

My Chessable streak is up to 518 and every day I have been adding new tactics from the Learn Chess The Right Way series. I finished book 3 and started on book 4, which I am 60% done with. I try to add at least 5 new puzzles every day. I also started working on the Keep It Simple course for Black. I just learned the quick starter lines against 1. e4 and 1. d4 and then have been adding in a few other lines as I encounter them. I review them every day and I’m finally starting to get a bit more comfortable with them.

I didn’t play in any OTB tournaments in the past 3 months. There were a couple I could have done, but I felt like I was not any better than my last tournament. That’s not a great mindset, so I’m hoping to do some more tournaments early in 2023.

I started tracking my time using the SayChess Accountability Group. You can read how much time I spent in November here. I’ve kept with it and will have to review my time spent in December as well. One big improvement is that I started to keep a list of daily chess priorities alongside my other todo list. This helps keep me accountable and make sure I am doing the work I want to be doing.

I stopped taking lessons because it was a bit too much for me. I was doing 90 minutes a week, but I did not feel like I was getting a whole ton out of every lesson. Since it was in the middle of my workday, it was hard to justify continuing at this time. I may look for a coach again in 2023, especially if I am playing more OTB.

In the beginning of December I spent a week Blitzing a week of Blitz. Not great for chess improvement, but it was a fun break.

Study Plans

Here were the study plans I created for each month:

By The Numbers

These are the numbers from October 1 to December 31, 2022:

USCFQuick909 (P15)
USCFOnline Regular879 (P21)
USCFOnline Quick1127
USCFOnline Blitz799 (P16)
USCFCorrespondence Rating2037
Chess.comRapid rating1396 to 1467 (1473 high)
Chess.comNumber of rapid games143
Chess.comDaily rating1358
Chess.comNumber of daily games0
Chess.comBlitz rating776 to 682 (812 high)
Chess.comNumber of blitz games194
Chess.comPuzzle rating2302 to 2153 (2302 high)
Chess.comPuzzle rush best score33 (Surv) - 26 (5-min)

Books Studied

Puzzle Books

Annotated Game Collections

Chess History



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