The Netflix Series The Queen’s Gambit is what got me, along with many other people, into chess.

I used the movie-barcodes tool to generate the images below. The author of that tool described it like this:

…a movie “barcode”, or a visualization of the color palette used in a film. It is generated by compressing each frame into a single column of pixels that are stacked sequentially to form a barcode-like image. Makes for a neat wallpaper.


Follow the link from each image for a larger downloadable version!

Episode 1 - Openings

Episode 1

Episode 2 - Exchanges

Episode 2

Episode 3 - Doubled Pawns

Episode 3

Episode 4 - Middle Game

Episode 4

Episode 5 - Fork

Episode 5

Episode 6 - Adjournment

Episode 6

Episode 7 - End Game

Episode 7