• Rapid Games with Analysis - One thing I’ve noticed lately is that I do not really calculate, and I think part of that is from just playing games too fast. I want to slow down!


Continue working on ChessMood courses

  1. Tactics: ChessMood: Tactics Ninja - This is going to be my main focus going forward. I will finish this in a week or so. After that would be the Mating Matador checkmate patterns videos.
  2. Master Games: ChessMood: 100 Classical Masterpieces - Try for 2 per week because I need to get back into this habit. I did not do very well on this last month.
  3. Endgames: Even though it is breaking my “learn one thing at a time” rule, I am also starting on Silman’s Complete Endgame Course. I am going to try to get through my rating level in the book.
  4. Strategy: If I have time, I also started Winning Chess Strategies.


In May I increased the amount of time I spent solving tactics and I think it helped. I am going to try to keep that up. I have been spending about 25-30 minutes a day on Chessable tactics, and about the same on puzzles.

  1. Learn Chess the Right Way - Book 1: Must Know Checkmates - review any open puzzles every day
  2. Learn Chess the Right Way - Book 2: Winning Material - review any open puzzles every day
  3. Learn Chess the Right Way - Book 3: Mastering Defensive Technique - I am 50% done with this course. I need to keep pushing myself to add more puzzles each day.
  4. puzzles - I want to continue doing puzzles, but focus on accuracy, not speed. This means taking my time on Survival mode of puzzle rush, and solving rated puzzles. I don’t want to guess moves, but to work on my calculation skills.