I’ve been doing these study plans for a year. I think they have helped me focus on specific things.


I did not play any Blitz in November. I was hoping that I would have been able to slow down in my longer online games, but that did not happen. I still think there are better ways to spend my time than playing Blitz, but I’m not going to totally avoid it.

Mostly I want to keep playing longer online rapid games, 30+ minutes. After each game I have been keeping track of the key mistakes I made in the game. Lately they have been around not taking my time which leads to missing wins or outright blunders. That is going to be my focus in December.


I try not to have too many things in this category each month. Instead I try to focus on a smaller set of items. To track these along with the “solve” items below, I added recurring reminders in my todo list app, Todoist.

Here is my list:

  1. Endgames: I am working through Endgame Studies 101 on Chessable.
  2. Annotated Games: Chess: The Art of Logical Thinking - McDonald
  3. Openings: I am not learning any new openings, but I consistently review the opening courses I have on Chessable, including Keep It Simple for Black.


Keep working on the Polgar tactics on Chessable.

  1. Review any open puzzles from the first 3 “Learn Chess the Right Way” books
  2. Learn Chess the Right Way - Book 4: Sacrifice to Win! - I am about 1/3 done. I’ve been adding 5 new tactics every day, but that would take me another 2.5 months. I may have to up that a bit.
  3. I picked up “Chess Steps” again. I have finished the workbook and “extra” book for level 2 and I am now working on the “plus” book. Most of the exercises are fairly easy, but then once in awhile there will be a section I struggle with.