What went well?

  • I played in an online rapid (10+0) arena tournment. I scored 4.5/9. I wanted to join to have multiple games to analyze, which I did. I was having a bit of low confidence with games, but this tournament helped me get over that a bit by winning a few games.
  • I think I figured out a better way for me to use Chessable. Instead of having lots of courses ongoing with tons of variations to review, I went back to focusing on just a few courses and slowly adding variations. This makes it feel much less overwhelming and I feel like I am actually studying and learning something.
  • I had more regular physical exercise this week, which really does help with my energy and focus.
  • I am back into the routine of doing the Chess Steps level 2 excercises.
  • Started looking at some endgame lessons, as this is an area of weakness for me.

What could have gone better?

  • I finsihed up a daily tournament with a number of local people. It was 12 games with 1-day time control and took about 3 weeks. I do not think these games are very valuable and just take away from time I could be spending on studying. In one of the many podcasts I listened to recently, the guest (probably a GM) talked about how these daily correspondence games are no good because you do not have any train of thought or ongoing plans.
  • It is hard to find time to do all the things I want to do. I need to prioritize my studying.
  • Is it possible to tilt on puzzles? I dropped about 200 points as I kept trying to “win back” the points I had lost.

What will I try next?

  • I still did not have time to continue Chess Principles Reloaded - Center in Chessable. I need to move on to the next chapter and watch the excellent videos. I did buy Chess Principles Reloaded - Development this week on sale, so I have that to look forward to as well.
  • Slowly start to look at at least one opening on Chessable. I am trying to not worry much about openings, but there is something satisfying about playing a game and knowing they first 5-10 moves are the best moves.
  • I signed up for Aimchess which seems like a great tool. I like the idea of reviewing positions and tactics specific to my games.