What went well?

  • I finished a US Chess correspondence tournament. I was pretty happy to be done because the games took a lot of time to play, one move at a time. I had been playing one game for 3 months. It also gave me a ridiculously too high USCF correspondence rating. Bad news is that I made it to the next round, so I will have to play more games.
  • I took a 3-day break from chess. I’m a big proponent of taking rest days and breaks. That said, I did check in on Chessable just to keep my steak alive.
  • Before the break I played a couple good games, that made taking a break easier because I felt pretty good about them.

What could have gone better?

  • I don’t feel like I played enough games, and not just because I took a break. Last week I said I wanted to limit the number of games, but maybe I went too far. It is a hard balance.

What will I try next?

  • I want to keep studying annotated master games.