What went well?

  • Heard Alex Crompton on the Perpetual Chess Podcast talking about his tactics study plan, which I am trying.
  • Read the book Atomic Habits. It is a good book, but not really what I needed for Chess study. I already have some habits, I just need to be sure I am studing the right thing. I think I need to find a book on “learning how to learn” next.
  • I analyzed all my games this week, even all my blitz games. This is a habit I need to keep doing.

What could have gone better?

  • I only won 1 rapid game and lost 6 this week. Mostly due to blundering pieces. I am hopeful that my tactics work will help out, though I am worried that I am working hard on speed in tactics and that may be making me play too fast. That said, I did win 3 of 4 blitz games, but part of that is that I am under 600 in blitz.

What will I try next?

  • I need to find some time for some training games. Games where I can take my time and take the game seriously. I feel like the past couple of weeks I have just been going through the motions of playing games and not taking them very seriously. There is a balance here, between just playing for fun and playing as part of my study plan.
  • The next book I’m going to read is about “learning how to learn how to play chess.” More about “learning how to learn a new skill.” I am going to start with The Science of Self-Learning and see if I can come up with a personal study plan. Or append my current study plan if needed.

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