What went well?

  • I took a week-long break from chess, which I recommend doing occasionally. It was nice to have a break and I got excited to come back to chess.
  • I started working with ChessMood. There are tons of videos to consume in openings, middlegame, endgames, tactics, and master games. Before my vacation I meet with one of their GM coaches to set up a plan.

What could have gone better?

  • I am still working on tactics in Chessable. Taking a week off means that I have a lot of puzzles to catch up on. I try to do 10 minutes a day of these puzzles, which has always been enough for me to keep up and keep adding a few new puzzles. But now I just need to catch up.

What will I try next?

  • For ChessMood, I made a plan (spreadsheet) for what I am going to do each day this week. I hope it is not too much.
  • I am making my own Lichess studies for the openings I am learning in ChessMood and putting them in Chessable to study.