What went well?

  • I made it to 1300! I’ve bounced around since then, as high as 1319 and low as 1263. But knowing that I can win some games against players in the 1300s is a good feeling.
  • I’ve had a couple intense weeks with Chessable. This was the second week with over 100,000 points. I am mostly working on a private course I made with openings from ChessMood. My course now has 125 variations against some of the possible responses to 1. e4. I’ve also been keeping up with my tactics on Chessable.
  • I’m still working on the ChessMood videos. This covers openings, tactics, middle games, endgames, and master games. The hardest part is making a plan for what to study, but I’m getting the hang of that as well.

What could have gone better?

  • I’ve been playing a lot of games. Too many in fact. In March I’ve played 118 rapid games so far. This was intentional as I am learning new openings for white. However, I think I am past the point of playing a bunch of quick games to “get a feel for things” and I need to go back to longer time controls. I think I’ll keep playing 10-minute games early this week, but then as soon as April 1st hits, I’m going to stop playing so many and go back to longer games.

What will I try next?

  • I am planning to take a few days off this weekend. I’ll keep working on Chessable, but not add anything new and not play any games. Just a chance to let everything I’ve been studying for the past few weeks sink in a bit.
  • Continue with ChessMood, but on a slightly slower pace this week just to catch up.