What went well?

  • I met with a coach last week to review my games from my recent tournament. Some areas he noticed that needed improvement:
    • Openings, especially against 1. d4 and the London
    • King safety (castling)
    • Endgames
  • I started doing some work in the Chess Steps Level 2 workbook again. It is good to have some tactics that are in a book and not digital.
  • I have been slowly working on Silman’s Complete Endgame Course.

What could have gone better?

  • I did pretty poorly in online games this week. In rapid games I only won 3 out of 17 games. I found it hard to focus on the moves. I just wasn’t that into it. That seems to happen when I need to take a break. My rapid rating dropped down to 1277 so it will be time to build that back up.

What will I try next?

  • Keep working on Silman’s endgames
  • Try to finish ChessMood’s tactics course