One Year!

One Year

I have writing these weekly updates for 52 Weeks! You can read a bit about the idea of these posts in my first weekly update. These were never meant for anyone but me, and were just a way for me to write down my thoughts.

I think the biggest benefit I’ve gotten from them is being able to stop and think about what I like/dislike about my chess study and progress. If I force myself to pause, reflect, and write down how the last week has gone, I can try to focus on what is working for me and what I truly enjoy.

Some weeks were pretty light on content, some were pretty detailed.

What went well?

  • I had a pretty good week with rapid games, winning 7 of 9. I think this was mostly due to playing slower rapid games. I played mostly 30-minute games, with a couple 15|10 games mixed in. A few weeks ago I was playing mostly 10-minute games.
  • I got back over 1400 for the second time. I first crossed 1400 at the end of May. I hovered around there for about a month until the beginning of July when I dropped down to 150 points. I’ve been slowly climbing back up and then this week I got back over 1400. I have been focusing on playing more games, and not worrying so much about rating. I figure any ratings gains will come as long as I put in the work. That mindset is really helping.
  • I got all caught up on my Chessable reviews. I have a 380-day streak going now. I have a few new opening lines I want to learn and then keep adding on to the Polgar tactics courses.

What could have gone better?

  • My busy summer family schedule continues to conflict with my chess study schedule. I have been getting back into the routine, and that will get better in the next few weeks.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I’ve been playing more blitz lately. Maybe it is helping? Maybe it is hurting? Maybe it doesn’t matter? I feel guilty because I could be spending that time doing puzzles or other studying. But there are times when I do not have the energy to really focus and I just want to play chess. Blitz can fill those gaps because I don’t care if I lose (and my low rating shows it).

What will I try next?

  • Keep playing longer rapid games to give myself time to think
  • Add a few new opening lines in Chessable, especially to build up my black repertoire in a couple areas
  • I want to get to a bit further in the Silman endgame book. I’m on part 4 and want to get through the section on minor piece endgames. After that is Rook endgames in part 4, which I will do soon. I just want to take a bit of a break before I jump into the Lucena Position.