What went well?

  • I had 14 hours of study time this week. It helped to have a holiday where I played a bunch of longer rapid games.
  • I’ve been doing better at staying focused on just a few small things and not trying to do too much.
  • My chessable streak continues and is now 471 days.

What could have gone better?

  • I’ve been a little too focused on online ratings. Time to get back to trusting the process.
  • I spent over half of my time this week playing games. I could have done more studying instead of all that playing.

What will I try next?

  • Work on Chess Steps more. I’m almost done with the “extra” workbook.
  • Think about how I’m organizing and updating my openings.

Time Tracking

%%{init: {'theme': 'base', 'themeVariables': { 'fontFamily': 'sans-serif;'}}}%% pie showData title Study Time "Tactics" : 200 "Games" : 432 "Openings" : 162 "Books" : 50